Thursday, January 12, 2012

Creativity~Food For My Soul

"The sun is shining,the sky is blue, shall we go out in the world today" Kristen Savitri Bergh

Hello World, I am the girl behind Michelle Renee’ Designs, Photography and Art. Michelle Renee' is  the lovely name given to me by my parents. To my friends and family I am Chellie.  I AM AN ARTIST of a Renaissance spirit, led by God and His beauty found in nature to create and reflect such a reverence. I embody a passion for art, designing jewelry, and photographing life. Each piece of jewelry I design is handmade by me, and one of a kind. One of things I enjoy when making jewelry, is deconstructing one piece to make another, so the majority of my pieces are lovingly unique. Custom orders are always welcome! Recently, I was asked to design and create pieces for a wedding, which I was thrilled to do, and the bride to be absolutely loved them. My shop can be found on Etsy.

I have always been drawn towards photography; the romantic lure of capturing that “precise moment” as the father of modern photography-Henri Cartier Bresson would say. I am currently a student of photography at a local college, and constantly reading and learning all I can. I don’t want to be categorized as one style of photographer; I want to explore it all. For example, the day after Christmas, I had the most wonderful opportunity gifted to me by a friend, an amazing and talented local photographer to join him and another photographer on the sidelines of the Independence Bowl football game with a photographer’s pass. Sports photography is incredibly exciting with so much action to be captured. Then, on the other hand, just the other day, I was home, outside where the sun was beginning it’s downward set, and my eyes were feasting on the intensity of color in the leaves. They were transparent being back lit from the sun,and the hues of gold, red, rust, brown and green were brilliant! I photographed every veil of color I could. So much joy was found right here in my own yard. I wish to photograph everything.

I am also a thrift and antique junkie through and through, passionate about reusing, re purposing, recycling relics of the past. From my earliest memories, my beautiful mother shared her love of past treasures with my sister and I, passing down the joy in pondering a myriad of questions; who did this piece belong to? from where has it traveled, what is it’s history? Have you ever been in an antique store and felt a surge energy? I do, all the time. I like to think that it is impressed energy from previous whereabouts and owners. Just yesterday, I found three miniature oil paintings from a local artist and I began to wonder about her and I held such an admiration for her craft. My grandmother, who recently passed away was an artist herself. Her whole life was consumed by art. Her face would light up when she would talk to me about a style of art, or the artist, or the mediums used, and I find that her joy has been transferred to me, and living on through me; my way of honoring who she was, and keeping her memory close to me at all times.
I am a blessed woman with a loving and supportive family to encourage me through my artistic journeys. My two favorite artists are Alphonse Mucha and John William Waterhouse. As my grandmother would say, ” I hope my balloon never lands.”

I  I hope I have given you a warm introduction of myself. Please feel free to leave your comments, as I love getting to know others and share stories. May God bless you.
Love and Happiness,


  1. Hi Michelle, I just went and check out all your site and enjoyed it so much. I think you must have had a wonderful time creating it because you did a wonderful job. Pamela Wilson