Friday, January 20, 2012

Visual Feasting

School is back in session and off with a bang! I absolutely love being on campus with all it's academic energy all around, and visiting with friends made. Photography is my major and consumes most of my classes,which lends me a locamotion of knowledge everyday. Not only am I learning the technical, but also the the great masters of this craft; always evolving, always a new genius way of capturing light, conveying a visual story, a point of view. So, today as usual, I with my camera in hand spent hours photographing a variety of things. One thing to notice is I love photographing my dogs; sometimes I catch them just at the right time with the right expression. My favorite time of day to shoot is late afternoon when the the light is warm and soft. I added some new photos.
I love that my Duke actually does take time to stop and smell the roses around the house

Velvety Gold and purple Pansy
Shaggy Baggins has a new look, has been shaved and he doesn't seem to happy about it

My boy poses for me

Ghostly light

loved the texture of the brick- 2 buildings downtown, side by side the words home and antiques that go with one another

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